In spring 2017, Latinx Theatre and Film students at Tufts University participated in the Latinx Wikiturgy Project, under the guidance of Noe Montez, for the second time in three years. The class created twelve new articles and revised an additional five entries. The courses’ students invite you to explore their Wikipedia articles and to contribute your own entries to the world’s largest encyclopedia.

Click on the names below to go directly to the wikipedia sites.

May Adrales

Carlo Alban

Raúl Castillo

Georgina Escobar

Monet Hurst-Mendoza

Beto O'Byrne

Matthew Paul Olmos

Jacob Padrón

Monica Palacios

Christopher Oscar Peña

Joel Perez

Lisa Portes

Tlaloc Rivas

Carmen Rivera

Felix Manuel Rojas
Charise Castro Smith

Stephanie Ybarra