Appendices for “Mostly Young Women with Quite Traditional Tastes: Empirical Evidence for National Contemporary Audiences of Xiqu”


The data in these tables forms the empirical basis for our article’s conclusions and was compiled by means of questionnaire. The questionnaires were designed in collaboration with the Fujian Province Liyuan Experimental Theatre (FPLET) and were distributed to  audiences along with their free programs. Over fourteen performances, 3500 questionnaires were distributed, reaching an estimated 70% of audience members. The questionnaires were collected as audiences departed the theatre, and a small number of completed questionnaires were also recovered from the theatre and  by mail. The number of questionnaires returned was 1143, of which 938 were fully filled out and valid, representing an estimated 18.2% of the total audience. Given the difficulties associated with questionnaire-based research in theatres and in China, the authors felt this rate to be adequate. After statistical analysis, the questionnaires were returned to FPLET for internal use. This more detailed data, seen in the tables below, supplements the data found within the article.

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